Dundee Bistro

This season, locals reign!

Au revoir tourist season! Beautiful Seasonal Dishes

Though management may grumble, Yamhill Valley residents will gratefully greet local restaurants’ slower pace—no wait lines, choice seats, detailed service and menu specials. They well deserve their VIP status. The relaxed tempo affects the kitchen staff’s status as well, from summer’s studied focus on quickly preparing consistently high quality food, they can now take on many set-aside tasks. For Chef Flanagan, it’s time to dream up and experiment with new dishes and more time-consuming ingredients.

He introduces two winners this week: sweetbreads, their delicacy retained and reveled under a contrasting crispy breading, subtly enhanced with sautéed chanterelles. Duck confit appears in complete local, seasonal, elegant autumn glory— poached quince, persimmon, pears, hazelnuts…with a finishing flourish of Dundee Briar Rose Creamery’s chevre! Check for availability on the chalk board or with your server.

Sommelier Chris Berry knows his extensive wine list of over 350 selections backwards and forwards. Besides discovering great wines for The Bistro, his joy is discovering the perfect for your dish, taste…and budget. Just ask!

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