Dundee Bistro

Bounty of Forest Beauties

Rain, rain, don’t go away! Wild mushrooms Dundee Bistro - Chantrelles are here to stay…well, at least for the winter season. Fat, meaty Porcinis just arrived in Chef Flanagan’s kitchen, along with delicately spicy Matsutake and golden, fruity Chanterelles. Soon, local foragers will bring in Hedgehogs, Chicken of the Woods and, if we’re all lucky, truffles. As Flanagan observed, “This harvest was perfect for grapes, but not mushrooms. They were late and, up to now, scarce.” He’s thrilled with the arrival of beautiful fungi, and, of course, busy dreaming up dishes to showcase the wild bounty from nearby forests.

The first of Flanagan’s recent creations debuts this weekend—and is, appropriately, a first dish: Minestra of Mushrooms. In Italy, a Minestra can be a thick soup, risotto or pasta that is served after the antipasto and before the secondo or main dish; in Dundee it’s a hearty appetizer–an exotic, fragrant dish, ideal for sharing. Flanagan’s version combines three of the wild beauties—Porcini, Chanterelles and Matsutake—lightly sautéed with pancetta and leeks, garnished with shaved Grana Pandano and accompanied with grilled Carlton Bakery baguettes.

Everyone at The Dundee Bistro wishes you and your family a pleasant Thanksgiving! The Bistro will be closed on Thanksgiving and will close early Wednesday, December 12 for the hard-working staff’s annual Holiday Party.

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